Anonymous said: today i dreamt i was finally able to be friends with you, i was so happy i could cry

….ah you could make that a reality if you came off anon? I’m not really all that high and mighty that it’s such an impossible thing pfft

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I finally got the sample for the kyofushi pencil case today! It arrived later than expected so I’ll extend the pre-order period for both of them till August 20th. (That way it should still arrive just in time for the start of school.) 

Both can be found in my storenvy etc etc and I’m still sending the drawings with the first 20 orders.

They’re  big enough to fit in all the pens and stuff without really having to cram it in (i blew a zipper on a case I loved once). The interior is black too which is good because I get the interiors dirty with ink and lead all the time and this way you can’t see it.

today’s 69min prompt!

today’s 69min prompt!


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First one is based on this song (want to draw more of it sometime). The rest are all fanart of 世も末子's really good midosaka comic ! She’s really nice and gave me permission to draw it. In this comic Onoda is a kyonshī!( A really cute hopping vampire from chinese folklore also  called a jianshi) who lives with master Midousuji-kun. 

Anonymous said: what do you use to color your drawings? I answered it properly here!

Anonymous said: fem mido reminds me of kamukura


My life has been nothing but midosaka for the past few days. Stuff from twitter and 69 min prompts

Anonymous said: Where did you get the pencil cases made ; o ; !!